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Flying Lessons

"Lesson One"- Flying Classes

The first thing you must know about flying is how to control your broom while in the air. On the older models, such as the Comets, you will have to use more force with your hands and legs than as you would with a Nimbus or Firebolt. With your hands, you basically steer the broom right or left. To go down, you simply lean forward and vice versa to lean back. Now, to call the broom into your hands, you simply hold your right hand over it and say "Up" with emotion. Please, do not pick up your broom and try to ride it that way, you do not want to think of the effect. Now, moving on we come upon the topic of speed. A broomstick has a strange ability to be more controlled by your thoughts and slight movements. If you simply wish the broom to go faster or slower, it most likely will. This concludes the lesson for today.
Questions for you to answer:

1)      How do you call your broom into your hands?

2)      What do you think would happen if you picked up your broom w/o saying "up"

3)      How does one descend and ascend on a broomstick?

4)      How does your broom speed up and slow down?

5)      What extremity/limb(s) would you use to turn the broom?



Complete the 5 Questions and neomail them to me. You get two points for every question you get right, to make a complete ten points. I will send those points, in a neomail(with the scores of all the students sending me the answers) i.e:

Screename: fluffys_three_heads.


Please neomail hope_and_faith and send me your answers